Paul Smith Consume Album Paul Smith Consume Album

An album of 9 songs.

The Consume album was written and recorded during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Rather than focusing on optimism and hope for the future it reflects what was really revealed: The greed and selfishness of human kind. The final indication, if we ever needed one, that the human race is fucked and from its behaviour; rightly so.

With thanks to Paul Harris, Caroline Harris and Guy Debord’s theory of the spectacle which, he says, has replaced normal human relations with the alienation of commodity fetishism. A system of domination that demands your attention, and then your attention achieves your subjugation. Of course, here’s the irony. There’s not a single thing I can say to you from within the spectacle that won’t simply make it stronger. The Spectacle, said the French Marxist, Guy Debord, is the bad dream of a modern society in chains, and then, in 1994, he shot himself in the heart. The stupid cunt.

Running time: 37 minutes.

On sale exclusively through Bandcamp from 30th October 2020

Many thanks for your time and kind attention,

Paul - Octopber, 2020