Octopi Fonts.

Around the year 2003 I got into making fonts. It was a slippery complicated slope that took me 2 years to get anything decent and usable released.

My first major font job was converting an old PostScript Mac font with about 100 characters in it to a sparkling new OpenType font that would carry Eastern and Western European characters, Greek, Cyrillic and extended symbols. This was the Me to You font for Carte Blanche greetings and it took me a year to complete.

Since then, I have periodically released my own fonts. They tend to be a touch quirky with a few decent weights. Despite what web services tell you, creating a font is a fine art. It will take 8 months to get a few good weights of a single font and if you want to go for a £10 online 'supply your handwriting' font then jolly good luck to you.

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